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CoreLogic's Intelli Valuation


Over the past five years, property owners throughout the Sunshine Coast have witnessed a consistent surge in property values across all regions. This growth phase has underscored the need for accurate, reliable property valuation services. Recognizing this, we have anchored our commitment to serving our clients with the pinnacle of valuation standards at BMP Real Estate Valuation.


Understanding the dynamic nature of the real estate market, we've embraced the future by integrating highly advanced online tools. These instruments are not just about simple evaluations; they are gateways that allow our clients to keep a pulse on market trends, ensuring they're always a step ahead. With the property landscape constantly evolving, having real-time insights into market shifts is invaluable. And that's precisely what our property valuation software offers.


One of our standout features is the integration of CoreLogic's Intelli Valuation—a state-of-the-art platform renowned for its real-time capabilities. It doesn't just provide data; it ensures that the information you receive is current and accurate. With this platform, obtaining a detailed property evaluation is as straightforward as submitting the property's address and essential details.


But that's not all. Once you've entered the necessary information, you're not left waiting for days. Instead, a comprehensive report generated from RP Data—Australia's most reputable valuation provider—will be promptly emailed to you. This report isn't a mere aggregation of numbers; it reflects in-depth research and analysis conducted by experts who understand the intricacies of the Australian property market.


Whether you're contemplating renting out your property, considering selling, or simply curious about your real estate's current worth, we've simplified the process. Instead of laboring through tedious research or waiting endlessly for appraisal appointments, our tools empower you with instant estimations. This immediate access to information ensures you're equipped with the necessary knowledge to make the best decisions regarding your property.


At BMP Real Estate Valuation, we're not just about providing a service; we're about offering an experience that places you, our valued client, in the driver's seat of your property journey.

Online Report

In addition to our comprehensive Property Management and Sales services, we're ready to present our clients with a complimentary online valuation tool accessible from any location. We believe in empowering our clients with the latest technological advancements in real estate, ensuring they have the necessary insights for well-informed decisions. This dedication is reflected in our provision of cutting-edge real estate valuation software. With our system, clients can quickly obtain an accurate estimation of their property's value within minutes.

Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Your Property Report is on its way!

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