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VEDA’s national tenant database gives us that edge, pulling in a prospect’s entire financial history, tenancy history, blacklisted, court judgements, bankruptcies and entire credit history. No stone left unturned when vetting a prospective tenant. We are a team of experts who know that the key to a good tenancy is finding the right tenant. VEDA’s national tenant database allows us to do just that. This means we can find a tenant with an impeccable financial history, one with outstanding credit and zero tenancy history. Our careful vetting process ensures you’ll never face any of the issues associated with bad tenants, meaning your property and business are safe in our hands.


As an experienced property management company, we know that predicting future tenants’ behaviour starts with examining past behaviour. The VEDA national tenant database gives us an entire financial history for each applicant and lets us see what times they have been financially successful and when they weren’t. Call our property management team on the Sunshine Coast to discuss how we can help manage your property. Over the years, our team has established a solid reputation for being high-quality property managers. While we’ve dealt with some issues as we’ve grown, we have learned from every situation and made adjustments as needed. Our team of dedicated, experienced property managers will search for solutions that work best for you, whether you’re a professional investor or a first-time landlord. We are a property management company that is committed to protecting your investment.



In addition to all of our Property Management services, we are proud to provide our clients with a free online valuation service that can be accessed from anywhere. We offer our clients the latest technology, enabling them to make informed decisions about real estate. We’re glad to provide our clients access to market-leading real estate valuation software. Our system generates a precise calculation of property value in minutes.

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We use the most advanced rental property management software available in Australia. This service provides our owners up to date with access to their private owner portal login. Cutting edge automated messaging ensures all of our owners, tenants and maintenance suppliers are constantly kept in the loop with vital property information. We offer real-time reporting on any issue relating to your investment property. Great systems and excellent communication equal better service. Call us to find out more about our cutting edge property management systems.


Our policy is to inspect your property three months after the tenancy commences and every three to four months after that. The legislation does not allow routine inspections to be carried out more frequently than every three months. The purpose of these inspections is to make sure your tenants are taking good care of your property and identifying any maintenance issues that might develop in the future. Routine inspections are the key to maintaining a good standard of living at your property, making sure that essential services and equipment are in place and operating effectively. We concentrate on the details during our home inspections. We photograph any issues we find to support comments we identify in the report. Following the inspection, you will receive a written inspection report detailing how the tenant cares for your property and its general condition (including recommendations for present and future maintenance). Our team of the best property managers on the Sunshine Coast are trained to observe tenants’ living conditions and report any issues they see. If we notice anything amiss, we find a fast solution. We seek to resolve issues the first time while ensuring tenants are informed ahead of time.

Zero tolerance on rental arrears: As all our tenants are fully verified, we have very few issues with arrears. However, if a tenant falls into arrears, we strictly follow the guidelines issued by the RTA. When serving notices, we must allow for public holidays and weekends. To help avoid any confusion, we will always send a courteous reminder via SMS to the tenants on Day 3 and phone them.

Day 4. If a tenant falls behind on rent, we work with them to fulfil their financial obligation.

Day 8 Notice to Remedy Breach is issued to the tenant

Day 18 Notice to leave is given to the tenant

Day 27 Tenant to vacate and Bond claimed to cover rental arrears.   Should your tenant not vacate, it will be necessary to issue an Urgent Application for Termination with the Small Claims Tribunal. We will make an application if we are confident it is in your best interest.

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